Location and Parking


The MRI Lab is located in the Population Health Center in Peterson Hall. Researchers and participants should enter through the front entrance on the first floor of the Population Health Center, signified by the yellow highlighted region on the image below. An MRI lab team member will meet all participants and escort them to the laboratory.


Peterson Hall is located conveniently near the Rappahannock River Parking Deck, which is building number 44 on the campus map.

  • Please park on the first floor in the visitor's section.
  • Please note your space number and proceed to the Pay Stations near the elevator lobby.
  1. Enter your space number using the keypad below the screen and press OK.
  2. Select Pay for Parking by pressing number 1 on the keypad.
  3. Select the duration of your visit by pressing the corresponding number on the keypad. (For example, two for two hours)
  4. If you are a research participant, you will have been provided with a validation code for complimentary parking for the day of your visit. When asked if you have a validation, please press number 1 for Yes on the keypad and enter the parking validation number provided to you by the researcher scheduling your MRI visit.
  5. When a red dialogue box appears, press OK on the keypad to print a receipt.
  6. The machine will print out a receipt: hold onto it. Please provide the receipt it to the MRI technologist if you received complimentary parking. You do not need to display anything on your vehicle to verify payment. Enforcement is managed electronically.
Download Parking Instructions