Step 1

Receive IRB approval for research study

Step 2

Preliminary Meeting - Contact Susan Tozzi to set up time to discuss your study:

Please bring the following information to the meeting:

  • Name(s) of research assistant(s)
  • Name of your study/research project
  • IRB Number
  • Account number (for billing purposes) - include a billing POC and email address
  • Copy of project consent form (electronic or paper)
  • Discuss scan protocol and paradigms
  • Receive date/time for validity testing
  • Meeting time: 45 minutes to an hour

Step 3

Validity Testing

  • Set up paradigms on stimulus computer – P.I. or Research Assistant sets up paradigms
  • Set up scan sequences – MRI Technologist sets up requested scan sequences
  • Provide test subject (safety screened and changed into scrubs)
  • MRI Lab time: One to 1.5 hours

Step 4

Schedule your time in the MRI lab

  • Request access to the Calpendo Self-Scheduling System: – access granted within 24 hours
  • Review availability and schedule

Step 5

Day of Study

Bring an original signed copy of consent form and completed MRI Safety Screening Form to the appointment.

The research assistant should arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the participant's arrival.

The MRI Technologist will confirm the safety screening form with participant and obtain signature and confirm that the consent form has been signed.

The participant will change into scrubs.

The participant's arrival time and departure time will be maintained in a log book.

The image data will be sent to

Schedule your study